Fun Photoshop Tutorials: - above the clouds

I like trying new things in Photoshop all the time and I’m constantly coming across some really great tutorials. My favorite tutorials site at the moment is VladStudio. Vlad Gerasimov is one of the best digital illustrators I’ve seen in a long time. His work is unique, innovative, and most of all, lots of fun.

I could easily spend days using the wealth of information Vlad offers. In his Photoshop tutorials, he shows how easy it is to recreate his beautiful work (not all of it of course). Some of my favorites are:

Full Moon in the Midnight Forest – making of

My Favorite Wallpaper Background Texture – making of

Frosted – making of

He also offers some great little gadgets to go along with his artwork. He’s developed desktop wallpapers that keep the precise date and time (aptly named Wallpaper Clocks). Vlad also gives away Companion, which is freeware that changes your desktop wallpaper at specified intervals. You can also send e-cards from and buy posters of most of his work. I could go on for days about it so why don’t ya just go check it out?


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