Long time, no blog…

So I know I haven’t posted in a while. A lot has been going on at home but I’m going to get this show back on the road soon. A redesign is in the works so hopefully it will be well worth it. For now, I have moved Capturing the City to a new domain here but will probably still post at this location often. I hope to see you around!


Photo Adventure #4: the San Francisco Zoo

grasshopper in the Insect Zoo, SF Zoo

I love going to the zoo in the summer in SF. The weather’s perfect (70 degrees, sunny, breezy) so the animals are always out and moving around. I live about a mile from the zoo but if you are an out-of-towner, you’ll want to use the MUNI train system to get you there (L-Taraval train takes you straight to the front gate). The zoo is heavily forested (map) so you might want to bring a light jacket for walking in the shade. You may also want to go in the early morning as there are always school children running around.
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free texture #5: cement walkway


Golden Gate Park: Part 1

South Windmill, Golden Gate Park, SF

So we’ve trekked through Golden Gate Park several times and we still haven’t seen half of it. There’s lots to do, especially if you’re a photographer in search of great shots. Some of my favorite spots include the Conservatory of Flowers and the Japanese Tea Garden. Some other cool sites in the park are the Strybing Arboretum and Strawberry Hill.

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Yay for first posts!

Ocean Beach, SF

Hello all… So after spending a year taking pictures of San Francisco, I’ve decided to embark on a not-so-superficial view of the city. My husband and I love this special place and I hope to share that here with the help of my trusty Canon Digital Rebel XT, a newly acquired Flip Video camera, and a deeply buried set of writing skills. Here goes nothing…

After San Francisco will be Buenos Aires (in December). After BA, who knows? Amsterdam, maybe New Zealand. No matter where we land, this will be my information depository, of sorts. Pictures, videos, articles, not to mention some informative how to’s, will all make their way here. Should make for an interesting read so hope you stick around. Cheers!